Welcome to Embrace Crafts

Turning a hobby into a business

I’ve been making jewellery, knitting and doing various crafts for a lot of years. I’ve sold to friends, family, friends of friends and family, and at small craft fairs etc, but never really made enough to give up the day job. This shop is part of my ‘exit strategy’ from the world of nine-to-five!

People have often told me I should open a shop, so I decided to do just that. Crafting gives me something to do while watching TV, or sitting in the car on long journeys (I don’t drive, by the way!). It just doesn’t feel right sitting doing nothing with my hands, so I need to sell what I make before it piles up and takes over the whole house!

Designing patterns

I love designing pretty things. What you’ll find in my shop are the results of my creative inspiration, whether it’s a crocheted purse or baby blanket, a pair of earrings, a knitted brooch, a beaded bracelet, or a knitting or crochet pattern.  I was thrilled when I discovered an online Knitting Diploma with the Centre of Excellence, and it has inspired me to start creating and selling my own patterns – which you’ll see available for purchase and instant download in my shop.  Watch this space; there will be more!  And I’ve now signed up for the Crochet Diploma, so more designs will surely follow.

I’m lucky to have an artist for a brother, and created the Celtic Heart embroidery pattern from a design of his. If you’d like to see more of his work, pop over to his Etsy shop.  I plan to use more of his designs to create patterns for cross stitch and maybe knitting, so keep your eyes peeled for new ways to spend those copious leisure hours!

Lifestyle Choice

When I’m not designing and making things for sale, I can sometimes be found making things for charity. At last count, I’ve crocheted ten small baby blankets for a charity called Cherished Gowns, plus a couple of baby hats and a pair of mittens. I take my crochet (and sometimes my knitting) with me anywhere – in the car, at the pub, and while socialising. One friend once commented that there were four of us chatting together, and three were fascinated by my knitting – I was the only one not watching it! (I was making my pixie hood design at the time.) So you can see that making lovely things is part of my way of life, not just something I do for the money.

Other Hobbies

I recently came across a term I love, and that seems to describe me very well – multi-potentialite.  It refers to those people who have multiple hobbies and interests in life, or a succession (or range) of jobs and income streams.  As well as my crafting and designing, I write short stories, novels and poems (you can see some of my work on my author website, https://karentucker.me.uk).

I also run a photography business with my partner, where we offer all kinds of ‘people’ photography (Light Touch Photography).  We’ve taken all the shots of my knitwear being modelled, for my patterns and this website. We also offer product photography as TN4Productions.

Finally, I’m fascinated by the many ways people can heal themselves and improve their lives without resorting to drugs or conventional medical techniques.  As such, I’m currently qualified in 14 different therapies, and offer these at my therapy room in Tunbridge Wells, through Embrace Healing.