Criss-Cross Cowl, Hat & Headband Knitting Pattern



Criss-Cross Cowl, Hat & Headband Knitting Pattern

There’s surely only one thing better than a pattern for a Criss-Cross patterned cowl or headband and hat – and that’s a combined pattern for them both.  Twice the enjoyment for less than twice the price.  What a bargain!

Seriously, if you like having matching sets of accessories, you know it makes sense to buy the cowl and hat patterns as one.  Not for the beginner knitter, you can take pride in having stayed the course and finished not just one criss-cross design, but two, or maybe even three.

You’ll need 5.5mm needles, a thick cable needle, and plenty of chunky yarn.  For the hat, you’ll also need 5mm double pointed needles or circular needle, and for the cowl, you may want to add some decorative buttons or a motif of some sort, for a flourishing finishing touch.

And if you really can’t stop criss-crossing, there’s also the Criss-Cross Handbag & Purse pattern to have a go with.  Go on – you know you want to!


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