Criss-Cross Handbag & Purse Knitting Pattern



Criss-Cross Handbag & Purse Knitting Pattern

Once I’d started with the criss-cross design, I liked it so much I wanted to add more patterns in the same design.  So after the tasselled hat and the cowl, I decided to go mad with it, and designed this criss-cross handbag and purse pattern – so I could step out in style in matching accessories, and so can you.

I’ve made several bags and purses for myself, in the last few years, and I’ve found that, while a purse doesn’t need a lining, as it only contains large items that don’t tend to poke through the fabric, some of the things I keep in my handbag do need a lining to keep them in place – keys and pens being the main ones.  So I would recommend putting a lining in the handbag, but it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Just a single piece of fabric, folded in two and sewn together up each side, then slotted into the bag and sewn in with the zip will do the job quite nicely.  Of course, if sewing is also your thing, you can do a more creative job on it, perhaps adding pockets on the inside as well.

However you decide to finish these pieces, I hope you’ll enjoy making and using them as much as I have.

You’ll need 5.5mm straight needles, a cable needle, zips and a suitable button, plus about 200g of chunky yarn.

If you would like to make some other accessories to match these, why not try the Criss-Cross Cowl and Tasselled Hat patterns, also available here?

Criss-cross handbag & purse


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