Criss-Cross Tasselled Hat Knitting Pattern



Criss-Cross Tasselled Hat Knitting Pattern

It wasn’t long after I’d come up with the design for the criss-cross cowl that I was casting around for a hat pattern that would suit me.  The flat-to-the-head beanie really doesn’t flatter my face, so I wanted something with just a bit of added interest.  The Criss-Cross Tasselled Hat was the result – and thankfully it suited me rather well.

This probably isn’t for the newbie knitter, as it involves not only cabling on every right-side row, but also using double-pointed needles or a circular needle for the pointy bit – but the tassel is easy and fun to make, and with the Wee Willie Winkie point, adds a light-hearted bit of fun to the piece, I think.  Definitely a design for the young-at-heart!

You’ll need 5.5mm straight needles, 5mm double pointed needles or circular needle, a thick cable needle, and a piece of card to wind the tassel around – plus of course about 100g of chunky yarn.

If you enjoy making this, you might want to have a go at the Cowl and Handbag & Purse patterns in the same criss-cross design.

Tasselled Hat


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